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Servo drive accessories

Cables, Excellent Smart Cube, regenerative resistor and mains filter perfectly harmonised to our servo drive
16 product(s)
STO cable for ED1
USB cable for E1/D2/D1N
50-pin I/O cable for ED1S
36-pin I/O cable for ED1F
Communication cable gantry ED1
ESC/ED1 communication cable
Mains filter ED1, 1-phase, 400 – 1,200 W
Mains filter ED1, 3-phase, 400 – 4.000 W
Mains filter ED1, 3-phase, 5,000 W
Mains filter ED1, 3-phase, 7,500 W
Excellent Smart Cube (ESC), digital
Brake resistor 68 Ω, 100 W
Brake resistor 50 Ω, 150 W
Brake resistor 120 Ω, 300 W
Brake resistor 50 Ω, 600 W
Brake resistor 190 Ω, 1000 W